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My 200 finally... somehow.

  Cupped 200
Well, after much and much more trouble i got it. But not how i wanted. The Anthracite Option was the Dealers fault, i wanted black. They put on the GT Spoiler, i wanted the Cup one. I wanted the projector Lights, they said theyre Standart, so i got none. Then they wanted a fortune for 4 Winter Tyres (without Alloys) so i had to order them somewhere else. All that after holding the Car back for 3 Weeks because of stupid s**t. In the end i got the Boss on the Phone who didnt know nothing about all the Trouble and next day i could fetch it (well... anyway 3 weeks too late).

I have the Car since one week now, good Pictures will hopefully follow soon.


Anthracite Pack :mad:
Cup Pack
Automatic Climate Control
Yellow Interior
Black Headlamp surroundings
White Speedlines
Bluetooth Radio
Light and Rain Sensor
Tinted Windows

In Work:

Cup Spoiler
RS Footmats

Well... hope you enjoy it :S



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Is it meant to resemble a rainbow?

It's just not working for me. I'll refrain from further comment.


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  981 Cayman
Too many colours imo, white/anthracite/blue then the LY interior pack thrown in for randomness!
  Dynamique Flamer
I really don't think it works with all the different colours I am afraid I wouldn't have taken delivery until it was completed to the spec I requested. I am sure the front plastic wouldn't be hard to swap over to a black one and the same with the spoiler :)
  200 FF Storm Grey
Seems like you couldn't decide what you're favourite colour was so you thought you'd squeeze as many on the car as possible :-\ Not for me really mate, but still a great car no doubht you'll love it


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  Gentlemans spec 200
Have to agree, I would of refused the car. They had a contract with you, would of had to compensate you IMO.


ClioSport Club Member
Yeah you really shouldn't have taken it no matter how much you were looking forward to it.


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  Golf GTI, Jap Tank.
I like the anthracite actually! And the GT spoiler looks good on the 200. But white and yellow randomness confuse my eyes.

As long as you like it mind you!

But i would take it back, steering wheel is on the wrong side mate.
Why take a car that didn't match your order? Should have refused, kicked off and demanded a courtesy car or refund in full.


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  Whichever has fuel
I don't want to sound rude, but thats terrible. Looks like Noddy's car?!!

Blue, white, Red, Yellow, Anthracite and chrome trim.... I'd have told them to keep it.

As long as your happy though!
  Cupped 200
Thanks for honesty.

The Problem with the colours i see.

But well, it was planned with the Black/Blue Ext. plus the White Rims (and it looks really good) The Yellow Stuff you wont see from the outside. As you dont see the Blue Stuff from the Inside, so its Dark/Yellow inside. Additional the Recaros have kind ofa Yellow/Black Standart colour too.

About the Anthracite outside: Is it hard to change those parts!? Because i thought the Bumper in Front is onepiece so you could not change just the Anthra parts. If thats the Case i let the Dealer change it with another Car they have (or not have).

As said, the Dealer is a mess. In Germany i wouldnt have had this problems (lets say i never had). So i try to sort it out in the best way i can.

You may be right with the "wouldnt have picked it up" but well, ive done it so lets see how i can get it sorted.

But you see, im pissed. should be allover happy with a new car but im just angry all the time because of those basterds.

Back to Colours: The White Wheels just Rock imho, about the rest of the colours... well, i hope its getting better ;)
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  M2 Competition
Id get the white wheels done in anthracite to match the exterior pack (wouldnt cost much to paint them, theyre new :D), would look great then.


ClioSport Club Member
  Gentlemans spec 200
As above, anthr wheels would be the way forward for me. Hope you got a discount or a service (or three) thrown in for the c**k up.
  Trophy #490
I wouldn't of had it if it wasn't to the spec I ordered...

Just what I was about to say.....
I do like it though, it just needs the alloys painting in anthracite and it'd look a whole lot better. GT spoiler makes a huge difference! Much better with that.
  RB 200 Cup!
I really don't think it works with all the different colours I am afraid I wouldn't have taken delivery until it was completed to the spec I requested. I am sure the front plastic wouldn't be hard to swap over to a black one and the same with the spoiler :)

  Renault ClioSport 200
Seen an almost identical one to your's at the dealer's a couple of weeks ago (it had the anthracite wheels) nice looking motor :approve: hope you enjoy your's.


You can change the anthracite bits, get the dealer to order the black pack and fit it. The front bumper cowl is clipped and rivetted, diffuser is separate and so are mirror covers!

Black pack with white wheels will look EPIC!
  Clio GT
I agree with the above comments regarding the colours. Im sorry to hear you've been messed around by the dealer !

I have the GT. Everything i asked for i got perfectly. The projector headlamps you mentioned came as standard with mine.

I would ask them to re-order you a new car.

Lovely car though and yeah the wheels look nice.
  Cupped 200
Thanks for the Clip Option post of the Anthracite parts, i will tell that to the dealer so they can change it.

Reordering the car = no option, i signed for taking the car as it is however stuipd it may have been, sorry :(

The Albi is awesome! on Photos its kinda hard to catch i see myself, but i like it very much in flesh! And thanks that someone agrees with my white/blue optin ;)

The Red.. well, if i could choose it wouldve been white, but Cup Pack was a have to.

The Spoiler seems a big point of separating i see... i like the Cup One very much more because it cleans out the Side View (Profile) Line of the Back of the 200 very much.

Ill try to get the Cup Spoiler and the Black Pack so far and hopefully without much trouble...


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  Clio 200 RS EDC
to be honest if you weren't happy you shouldn't have accepted anything and demanded your money back
  Cupped 200
Update: The Dealer said well, their failure with the Anthra pack, they want to respray it in the correct colour... im not sure what to think about it because then its resprayed and not original colour part... oh man, they suck so hard i cant believe it, but with this fucked non EU Laws youre the stupid one... i turned to Renault Suisse now with that and hope they can do something.