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my car at trax

Thought ad post a few pics tht my mate took of the clio at Trax... If ne1 has nemore of my car if ne were taken n wanna post em feel free!
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  Chocolate Bar™
lovely car mate, might have got some pics of it, i took so many i cant bloody remember. If i remember rightly u were waxing/polishin it when i walked past so dont think i got any good one off pics, might have some in group shots
na mate tht wa my mate polishin it wi the shaved head... Plattsy he used to have a valver/williams ' hybrid' thing. hes my wheel man haha. did a gd job tho (imo)!
Yup that was me cleaning it for him Cr2ig hasnt a clue how to clean a car ;) i clean the car and take the photos lol
I knew ppl would think it was mine lol
Some bird asked me to wash theres too for a fiver! likely lol
N no he didnt pay me i did it as a favour :)
ye but ya got a baCon sarnie for ya troubles, lol.

Got the plates from a sign shop in barnsley.
that bacon sarnie made me feal sick for the rest of the day, thanks :wink:
Just keep it clean yourself from now on!
ha, he was in demand for car washing. he turned away 2 cuties aswell ... dunno wat wa up with him he mustve been 'in da zone'