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My car history, with added bikes

  2004 Racing Blue 182
Bit bored after work, so cracked a beer and was looking through some old pics, so thought I'd start a car history thread...

No photos of my first car, a 1987 Mk4 Escort 1.4l. Woeful car, 5 doors and slow as s**t! Wrote it off after crashing into my neighbour's van :grin:

Second car was a 1985 1.3 Nova SR, full GTE bodykit with brown interior, which i swapped out for the 'nicer' grey one. No pics of this either, and this was written off too, someone ploughed into the back of me at a roundabout and damn near bent the car in two he hit me that hard!

Third car was a 1990 1.4 Nova SR, this thing was proper quick in comparison to the 1.3. Sold it to my uncle who killed it:tearsofjoy: Again, no pics!

Forth was a 1995 1.4 Corsa SRi 8v. Slower than my previous Nova, but was a luxury car in comparison. And yes, I actually liked the colour :blush: Carrabic Blue I think it was called!

5th car was one of my favourites. Bought it after hearing a mate drive his past me with an induction kit on it, I wanted one! 1993 Ph1 Clio 1.8 16v. This thing blew my mind how much quicker it was than anything else i'd owned before. Black with Willy wheels (Prima reps). Never really fully appreciated it though in hindsight! It also came with a pristine set of turbines too, which at the time i thought were hideous! So sold them for next to nothing!

6th car was my dream car for a long time. 1994 MR2 GT T-Bar in black. I adored this car, but ultimately, I missed the raw fun of FWD and the Valver. It was also slower than i thought it was going to be! So sold it after a year.

7th car was back into a Valver. My 1st Naples Valver (hence the forum name!) 96 Ph2 this time. It was a bit tatty in comparison to my previous one and I never really liked it all that much even though I ended up keeping it for nearly 2 years.

8th car. I moved in with my girlfriend, decided that I could live without a car for a while, so sold the Valver. After 3 weeks I bought a car, which I told my GF would be a keeper and would be a nice, cheap to run car! a 1998 Rover 218 Coupe VVT. God did I hate this car. everything about it irritated me. The colour, the fact the 'T-Bar' roof wasn't actually a T-Bar, the cream leather interior, the fake walnut trim on the inside, the crappy handling and bland noise it made. It lasted all of 6 months!

I then bought the car that I wish I'd never sold. Everyone has that one car that they loved unconditionally. This was mine. 1995 Ph2 Valver in Naples Red again. I bought it with some crappy wheels on it, and the wrong springs on the front. It was sitting way too high at the front and the wheels looked gash. I nearly didn't buy it, but it was a bargain price and it came with a full set of freshly refurbed Ph2 wheels. I got it home, within a week it had the proper springs on it, and the Ph2 wheels. Within a month, I had replaced the wheels with a full set of genuine Williams wheels which I'd resprayed myself in Rover gunmetal grey. Had the car 18 months and had to sell it due to work, pretty sure someone on here bought it off me. Was absolutely gutted when i sold it. That gutted that I gave up driving for 8 years. Not even kidding! :neutral:

Luckily, my girlfriend is a petrolhead and had some decent cars in those 8 years. She had a blue 2003 Celica 140, which I thought was pretty s**t, she liked it though. It had a decent chassis but was gutless. no photos of that as I didn't really like the thing!

After the Celica, she decided she wanted something proper. So she bought a 2004 Nissan 350z. Now, this thing was awesome. it nearly killed me in the first week due to some ditch finders on the back! She refused to change them as they were nearly new, until the back end kicked out on her too 😂 She loved it that much, that when we got married in 2012, we used it as our wedding car:tearsofjoy: Put pink ribbons up the bonnet to the windows 😂

After 3 of owning the big Z, she changed jobs and needed something more economical for the commute to work, due to putting around £120 every 10 days in the thing! I managed to persuade her that it didn't need to be diesel (thank god) and it could be a small fun hatch. eventually, she bought this little beast. One of my all time favourite cars I've ever driven. 2009 RenaultSport Twingo 133. What an absolute hoot this thing was. Not quick in a straight line by any stretch of the imagination. But the first time we took it up onto the Pennines, well, what a brilliant little car. Apart from the straight line speed and induction noise, it reminded me so much of the Valver

Then she bought a diesel 1.6 Bluemotion Golf :weary:

Which led to me taking my bike test...

1st bike - 1998 Honda CBR600F. Absolutely loved it for all of the 8 months I had it, apart from the little electrical gremlin that haunted it!

So, I traded it in for a bike that I wasn't even that interested in. 2002/3 Kawasaki ZX6R 636 A1P. What an absolutely cracking bike this was. Faster, handled better, looked better, sounded awesome. I spent a lot of time and cash making this my own. I changed the clocks to some from a 2009 bike, learnt how to do all the maintenance on it myself, changed alsorts of bits on it. Bloody loved the thing. Did a 1500 mile tour of Scotland over 3 days on it and it nearly broke me 😂😂😂

I then, after some persuasion from my uncle (the same one that killed my Nova), who had a Aprillia Mille at the time, bought a beautiful Honda FireBlade CBR954RR, renowned to be the best 'Blade ever made. What a weapon this thing was. Mega quick, mega comfy, and I loved it. Did another tour of Scotland on it and it never missed a beat, it was absolutely planted, even though it pissed down most of the time! Sold it just over a year ago as I decided to give bikes a break. I was getting silly on them and using them all year round really isn't fun anymore.

Before I sold the 'Blade, I bought my first car in over 10 years. 2004 Honda Civic Type R EP3. Holy s**t, this thing was nuts! Handles brilliantly, goes like stink, sounds awesome with an induction kit and still looks great today, I think they have aged really well. Now I know what all the fuss was about. Unfortunately, I was dreaming when I thought I could afford a car and a bike, so one had to go. I chose to keep the 'Blade, which in hindsight was the wrong call as I sold the 'Blade about 6 weeks later!

After I sold the Blade, I decided to get a car I'd been wanting for a long time, I had a mate that had one as a company car and he raved about it, loved it that much, he bought it of his company! I decided to spend the next 2 months finding the perfect spec'd Mk5 Golf GTi. Which is what I have now. It's a cracking car, does everything really well. potters around town nice and quietly and comfortably, sits on the motorway at 80 in cruise control without even stretching its legs, carves up B roads and sticks to them fantastically well. It's an awesome bit of German engineering, lightyears ahead of the Mk4, which my brother owned briefly a few years ago. That was a shite car! Boring and slow.

And, that's it! The GTi is up for sale due to work being bell ends and wanting to shorten my contract, so I need to free up some cash incase it all goes tits up!

TL : DR - I've owned some cars, and some bikes!😂
  2004 Racing Blue 182
You gave up driving for eight years, or went to prison lol.

Great thread mate

😂 I gave up. We were saving for our own house and a wedding, and decided we would have one car. Due to my work messing me about at the time, I decided to sell the Valver. So, nothing as interesting as being locked up I'm afraid!😂


ClioSport Club Member
  Mk5 Golf GTI :)
Seems work messing you around has followed you through the years lol.

Wish I had taken photos of cars I’ve owned, shame really.