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My Car is faster than yours!!!!

Haha only joking - I know the 172 has more power/torque than my 2000 VTS although it is pushing out 138bhp at the fly

The reason Ive logged on is that I am thinking of purchasing a new metallic blue 172 in the next few weeks and am just tryin to get a feel for the car i.e any common problems that people have i.e handling or mechanical probs.

Also best places for tuning in the Yorkshire area.

Cheers guys for any info given.

Common probs are loads (But Ive had none HeHe) and will let someone else tell you The car from standard will roll a bit, but they also handle pretty well. Seeing as ive never driven a VTS I couldnt really compare that car with the 172.


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People do knock the 172 for poor quality but I have had no probs and my 172 beats my old Saxo for quality hands down. And it handles and performs better too, but I still like my old Saxo!

The saxo is nice and handles REALLY well. Can mak it understeer and oversteer it very easily. Just wanting something more up to date now - and a bit more power will do me nicely!
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I find the grip in my 172 is very good too, but the back end can come out quite easily if you want it to lots of power and lots of torque in a small car = fun. Also, when you have passengers, it wont make as much a difference to the performance as it would in your saxo, so thats the advantage of having the bigger engine. Also this benefits the in-gear acceleration, so enabling you to make progress using lower revs than in the 1.6.


if ya feel the back end trying to overtake ya...

do this....

boot it... balance it on the gas, thats what front wheel drives ar emade of.. WITH enuf power...

try it.. youll like it..