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My Clio - In 5 years time....

Do you think valvers will be the type of car that even though they will be 12-15 years old people will still look and think what a cracking car it is or think that its just an old car. Im saying this because I saw an Sierra Cosworth the other day that was an A reg (I think) and in its day it was the dogs danglies, but I thought that it looked a bit dated now. Do you reckon that the Clio will still have a enthusuastic following even though they will be 15-odd years old?

Hardly any renaults have got that kind of reputation, would Mr Joe Bloggs who doesnt know too much about cars even no what a Williams is?

Most people dont know what a 16v is. I been to garages and they think mine is supposed to be a williams look alike etc. So cant see people looking back at them thinking they are a classic

Renault Alpine V6 is a classic, as is the Gordini Turbo! If youre a car enthusiast then youll remember the car and what it represented in its prime. I think the V6 will be more of a classic in 10/15 yers time than say a 172. Willy is already getting there, not quite as old as your pug gti but its still a classic hot hatch compared to your more modern equivalent i.e. 172.

NB This is just my personal opinion

there are some mint mark 2 xr2s around and they are still nice looking cars, but the thrashed ones just look old and tatty...supose it depents on the condition of the car all mint old cars seem to turn heads I think..

I actually think the 16vs reputation is getting more widespread. If I went places a few years ago, no-one knew what it was - but now everyone does!

Many of the cars we regard as worthy are a result of very careful brand management: as good a car the Mk1 Golf GTi was, it was not the first hot hatch (Renault 5 Gordini was on the market two years earlier!).

I suspect that the Clio name, like the Golf, will be in use for another few production generations and hence the older models will not be forgotten.

The 16v and Willy will always have a reputation amongst hot hatch fans, although the Willy will steal the limelight despite being fundamentally the same car. The GT Turbo seems to be doing just fine, although I think the fact that tuners are turning their attention to the 16v says a lot about where they perceive the business to be.

Many of the greatest cars like the Lotus/Talbot Sunbeam, Renault 5 Turbo/Turbo2 (wide arch ones) and Metro 6R4 remain out of the knowledge of the general driving public.
  VW Potato

dan, are you sure you saw an A reg Cossie - they came out in 1986, which is a C or a D.

Golf GTi? Alfa Sud Ti was out before that...;)