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My Clio :-(

Hi, I'm Josh, i've been on the site for a bit now and its been really useful for finding information and everyones been helpful.

well, the story behind my car, i bought it back in february and after only a month, something awful happened!!! i was driving home from college one day when a car pulled out of a junction and hit me, the police attended the accident and it turned out he was uninsured!!! can't even find out if the police are prosecuting him. anyway that was over 4 months ago, i'm claiming all my money back and currently pursuing an injury claim through a solicitor and the MIB (motor insurers bureau) but the solicitor says it could be september 2007 till i see any money. thank god for legal cover though!!! 16 quid well spent on my insurance!!! just not so sure what the other 1800 of it has got me :S

anyway, ive got to bare the costs for now and keep receipts for claiming back, so far i have bought all the parts i need and am needing a new windscreen and some chassis work as well as the bonnet, and two wings respraying.

i have had a qoute for the chassis work at £400

a windscreen qoute of £185

and i also need a new battery, possible electrics works not to mention when its fixed it needs a service, m.o.t, taxing and putting back on the road and reinsuring to full cover from fire and theft.

just wondering how much do you think the respraying would cost?

oh and by the way the ugly as hell wheels you see of my car in the drive are when i first bought it and before i had chance to get rid of them lol. loving the standard 15s now!


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no insurance was expensive enough third party. had only just turned 18 when i bought the car. going to really try and stretch to fully comp when i get it fixed though cos it would have avoided all this
considered it but thought i'd rather just wait till i can get the real thing. not one for cars that pretend to be something their not
  Burgandy 174 sport t
not pretending just making subtle changes, I collected all the kit myself I suppose then just bought one lol
  black/gold 182
thats happened to me too a uninsured driver hit me a few years ago so i know what your going through mate, the law is not tuff enough on these arsewipes but thats another topic !!! hope you sort it soon mate :0)
  Megane DCi 147bhp/350nwm
lmao, hiya josh...i said i'd sort this for you!

p.s nice airbox and glad you like the 15's :D

i also have a rear bench if yours is know your rear seats :)
b3nje said:
lmao, hiya josh...i said i'd sort this for you!

p.s nice airbox and glad you like the 15's :D

i also have a rear bench if yours is know your rear seats :)

alrite mate, nah my rear bench is the least of my worries lol. thought you and chris had done one to teneriffe?
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Unlucky, looks like a nice car apart from the damage. Hope you get it all sorted out :(