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My Cup Photo

The only other option is, to lower your car to the deck like that!

Oh, and that setting is real nice for a picture - so get yours lowered and then go back! See how they compare! :)

Thats far too lowered for my liking, makes the front look fat and heavy IMO, youd have to turn around whenever you see a speedbump!

Nice pic location! Where is it?
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

Thought it was a photoshop special...noted the blurring on the front wheel arch...thats what gave it away
  VW Potato

i might be in the minority here, but i think thats a little too low. yes, yes, i know its been photoshopped, but if it were a fraction higher i would like it more.

  VW Potato

...his close friends get to call him TC... (for years I couldnt understand why they call him Twin Cam, but hey...)

uh-oh - its all flooding back now... :)