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My dilemma! What would you do?


ClioSport Club Member
Afternoon Gents...

I’ve got a bit of a dilemma...

I’ve got a Mk2 silver 172...
It’s a category C insurance write off that I’m building as a track car for track day use only.
The car is trailered everywhere and I’d like to take it further than it already is...

I’m buying a mates Mk2 Black 182 cup with a snapped cambelt...

Why? Well it gives me a load of options and I can’t decide what to do with it!

Do I...

A) Swap my engine and track parts over to the cup shell. Rebuild the 182 engine for when the 172 engine either dies or needs major maintenance.

B) Break the 182 but keep some spares

C) Put another engine in the 182 then sell it on

D) none of the above... (you tell me what you’d do ??)

The car in question is below, when it was in my unit when the cambelt snapped. It has since been moved elsewhere

I’d put the engine from the 172 in the 182 and make a really good car from both of them. Break the 172 but keep running gear parts on the shelf (I’ve done this with my 172’s)

Or... keep the 172 running and then build the 182 to decent spec whilst still having fun in the 172 (if funds allow). Low boost and a diff with polybushes all round. Then you can just sell/break the 172 when you have the 182 where you can drive it and you’re happy with it


ClioSport Club Member
Leave the 172 as it is. Put a new engine in the 182 and sell it. Keep the fucked engine to rebuild with cam's, head work and throttle bodies and bung it in the 172 one winter. Hopefully the 182 will pay for most of it.