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My Dynamique

Though as the weather was nice I would post up some pictures of my clio.
I passed my test a couple of months ago, this is my first car so go easy on me :)






and some others

And yes, it needs lowering badly..


ClioSport Club Member
Not a Fan of the rear Lights but otherwise Tidy :)

Lowering will make a Huge Difference,
What plans you get?


ClioSport Club Member
Get rid of the back lights and you've got a tidy car there lad.

Lowering and colour coded spoiler would make it look like a different car.
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lower it its the best thing ive ever done to my 1.2, colour code it get rid of the rear lights but other than that nice car and nice wheels mate!
Thanks for the replies, had a feeling the rear lights wouldnt be too popular lol, but I like them atm. Ive kept the original lenses so once i grow out of them the originals can go back on.

Plans for the car are - lowering springs, RS grille, smoked/clear side repeaters and rear diamond to match front/clio badge then I will be happy with it.

The wheels were only £60, so I am over the moon with them, and i got the smoked lights for £20 so not the end of the world if i take them off.

Cant afford coilovers, so can anyone reccomend me some loweing springs? Dont mind too much about ride/handling, mostly want them for the drop
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Its the 1.2 16v :eek:

also anyone wanna reccomend me a splitter?

Megane splitters are popular on the non sport Clios.

Ph1 Meggy splitter is the bigger one which looks OK, but the ph2 Meggy splitter is slimmer and looks very good (If you can find one...)
Cheers for the comments. A drop is definitely on the cards, maybe for christmas.
What kind of drop should I be looking at? What is a good set of springs for the 1.2?
  Italian 3.2 V6
very nice m8, but not to keen on the lights tho.

just out of interest... what size tyres you got on there?