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My Ears are ringing

  Black Gold Meggy 225
Does anyone have a K-Tec 3.5" inch cat back system? fitted to their 172/182?

I had one fitted today, and OMG its loud! lol

but its staying on, coz i can't be bothered wiv the agro of changing it!
  BMW 320d SE
Do you mean the Blueflame one, the larger of the 2 that K-Tec sell?
If so, I've had mine on for about a month and I really don't think it's very loud at all!
By the sounds of it he has the K-Tec twin (172) Exhaust.

No louder than my exhaust no doubt... pansy if you were in the artillery you wouldn't complain ;)
  BMW 320d SE
^LOL didn't realise he had a 172 - I really should read the car description on these threads before commenting! :rolleyes: