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Exhaust for Track only 182

  Clio 172
One of the rear mufflers on the 182 track car has a hole on inside skin that’s rusted outwards and now broken through.
Being a track car need to keep under 95db but honestly don’t want to it too loud and it sounds obnoxious (aka Honda Civic). A small lift in mid & top range power would be nice too!

Cat will be removed and possibly sold so looking at option from manifold back.
questions for the brains trust:
Scorpion, Milltek, K-Tec.
(PMS been unavailable for ages) Any worth the money or waste of it? Like I can order and fit myself and not take car somewhere to a custom exhaust shop that my not be great. Likely get a resonated centre to keep noise down after decat done.

Keen to hear some recent experience