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My Insurance Company WOT Wan*er’s

Everytime i have modded my car I have told them the about it to make sure i am covered.

I have just had a bad boy bonnet done and so contacted them only to find that they feel my car is to highly modded and with the bonnet mods it is very prone to being stollen. Because of this I am uninsured. I told them that if putting on a bad boy makes it more steelable then I would put a CAT 1 allarm on to compensate. They refuse to budge and so I am unisured.

Is this not contradicting themselfs. :-(


Just got a quote for my valver with Liverpool Victoria. Got the number from a previous threed from BRUN.

They quoted £1016 fully comp for 21yr old with 1 ncb. All mods declaired: Wheels, lowered, leather, body mods.

This kicks all other quotess arses that i have got.

I was TPTF and paying £870 and with my old company, full comp was £2100! and that was before any mods where declaired!!!!!!

Going to phone them now to buy it.


I would have to say that someone I know very well does exactly what the captain suggests.

My mate who bought my old moded 1.2 had no questions asked when the insurance company paid for his repairs - including three new 16" alloys and RSi bumpers!!! He just kept quiet and all was fine!!