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my lass taking the car out....(v quick vid)


ClioSport Club Member
  172 Cup
What exhaust you got on that? there's a nice growl from it. Any other mods?
d.brown said:
lol....... rear wiper comes on automatically when putting in reverse

well i didn't know that. but then i don't own a sw*nky mk2 :) lucky if the rear wiper comes on at all in a mk1

EDIT: since when has swanky been a swear word?!
  Golf MK7,GSX-R600 L4
KyleB said:
any other mobile clips of the missus? ;)

lol, maybe.....;)

I only let her take it to the chippy which was litterly 5 minutes away .... was a bit worried when she pulled out of the street, didnt expect her to floor it!!!:mad:

Colin-s, its a magnex exhaust mate