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my mk4 rs

  clio rs mk4
i have slowly been doing mods to my mk4 rs. done brembo front brakes. facelift rear led lights. facelift led front lights. deciding on which alloys to have wether nissan pulsar or the rs alloys. got a new steering wheel on way for it. painted parts of the interior with more to do eventually. shark fin aerial. hard boost pipes fitted. gfb recirc valve fitted. symphoser delete. upgraded to larger alloy radiator


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  clio rs mk4
no had to make wiring adapters then add wire from drl in bumper to headlight. need to work out how to make new drls work as side lights as want to put the flag lights into bumper eventually :). they make a massive difference to her. was going to go initiale lights but had an issue getting a passenger side one for uk as lights only available in france and would of needed new projectors fitted


ClioSport Club Member
Lights look great 👍

But the red interior bits look a bit to busy.
  clio rs mk4
it looks alot better than the chrome that was in there and matches the other bits of red on the vents and door panels :)