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My New Old Iceberg PH1

  Expert HDI & R53
Well after three years of owning the PH2, It is gone now and I have decided to replace her with a PH1..I have always had a secret love for PH1's!

Picked this up off pistonheads a few weeks back! Cheap and totally standard with only 60k on the clock! Belts done ect.



So first up was the suspension and brakes.



I fitted my suspension from my PH2. Unfortunatly have no during pictures as it was freezing!!!

How it stands now.





I know it needs a wash and this will be getting done asap and will update.

Overall im really happy with it so far. :approve:

  225 Cup & Williams
Sweet mine must be Iceberg it looks exactly the same colour as that always thought it was titanium, Yours looks good btw ride height looks just right is it on coily's?.


ClioSport Club Member
  lots of clios.
only 99 icebergs? if thats true then sweet! :) cars lookin good matey!
  Expert HDI & R53

DH182 You missed out buddy! ;)

Small update! I managed to give the outside of the car a good clean and fit clear side repeaters. (still needs a propper detail though!)

Here are a few pics!




Under close inspection I could see the wheels desperatly needed a refurb. Lucky me, I had a spare set of F1's in the garage that I can put on while I get my standard ones refurbed!


My plans with the car was to strip it but I am undecided ATM what to do.

Up next a new exhaust.

Your thoughts?
  Clio 172 Phase 1
Very nice mate just got myself a PH1 as well, mine is titanium though.

Jelous you have yours lowered already haha :rasp:

Will be keeping my eye on this :approve:
  Expert HDI & R53
Hi again! I forgot about this!! This is more of a progress thread than a project one..

Well I was in desperate need of a new exhaust as the one that came with the car was rotton and was about to fall off!!

The replacement! KTR Supersport stealth.


After going to the South Yorks meet on the way back I devolped a strange noise from the engine!!&highlight= which was not good!

So tonight we have set about the car im replacing the aux belt kit and the alternator, All been we it should be back up and running soon. Here is a few pics from tonights work.



Yep I know the light's look awful! Once its back running again I will be sorting this out!! Oh I also fitted my sablet wheel and boss tonight shame I cant drive it... :(

This is all for now.

  Expert HDI & R53
So after seeing how bad the headlights looked in the pictures I set about them with the wet and dry.

Vast improvement for 10 mins work!


  Expert HDI & R53
Suppose I could get it a bit closer if needed!! Only reason it's that close is so we had plenty of space at the other side.

The car is now fixed :) Whooohoooo The bottom pulley was fooked on the aux belt, Full kit replaced and a new alternater for good measure.. The only pic from tonight is of our home made tool FTW!


  Expert HDI & R53
Thanks mate! One less thing to worry about! Im guessing it's not to everyones taste due to lack of comments!

Maybe I need a V6 body kit?


ClioSport Club Member
  mk8Fiesta ST,172 cup
looks good, iv got a ph1 myself. what suspension is it on it sits perfect? coilovers??


alright fella, you say you using your old suspension from your ph2 on this? were they not gaz?
  Expert HDI & R53
Ha lol forgot all about this! Yeah Rich and others that asked the car is currently on Gaz coilovers... Nearly two years old and still going strong! If I decide to keep the ph1 I will be defiantly upgrade the suspension.

Car could be for sale soon, keep your eyes peeled for a good example ph1.