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My new Xenons and Exhaust!

  Israeli 172 ph1
Got some new 6500K Xenons and SuperSprint exhaust! :D

  Chocolate Bar™
lovely car and colour, just dont drive behine any coppers with those badboys on ;)
  Vee dub
Nice car.. but I agree those lights looks way to strong/bright compared to normal conventional xenon headlamps.....
  Mégane RS
Higher K rated xenons are not as bright as lower ones, standards 4,300 and the higher you go the less visable light is produced
  Israeli 172 ph1
how could it be a HID without ballast pack? ;)

it comes with ballast pack and ofcourse bulb that plug to the normal 9005 place.
just plug and play kit.
  FF 182, K5 GSX-R1000
Dan, i have a HID kit on order for the bike if you wanna see what is involved, should be here next week.

Look ace on the 172 :)