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My Renault debacle... (A really long read!)

So after a conversation with RUK this evening about the front bumper issue, they're refusing to fix it as it has signs of repair - e.g. some overspray.

I've been doing some research though, as I knew I'd seen a post on here with a similar fault. Anyway, I found it. Forum user MikeCracknell.

Hi xxxxx

Following on from our conversation earlier today regarding the front bumper on my Clio, I did a little research online as I was certain I'd read that other people are experiencing the same issues with the bumpers on their 197s.

At the following link you'll see a thread another Renault customer has written and posted over a fair few forums regarding his car and the issues he has had. You'll notice he's got the exact same problem as my own. Can we therefore assume his car has also been repaired? Or that this seems to be a genuine problem with the car.

Upon purchase of the car the front bumpers paint was in mint condition (no stone chips), however this could be due to a respray of the entire bumper to eliminate any chips, etc. (as Racing Blue is a tricky colour to keep perfect) rather than being repaired.

Please look over the attached image of my vehicle, you will notice it's identical to that other customers issue.


So we'll see where I get with this one.

Bloody car.
Tres annoying, Seb. :dapprove: I'll moan till they sort it though. It's a broken clip FFS!

Ja. VW or Audi. Sister is trying to tempt me with a new 1 series as she gets massive bimmer discount. :rolleyes:


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Shockin thread that Saxexperience one.

I dont see you getting the bumper fixed free gratis, Nothing to say you haven't bumped it...Harsh reality.
Aye yeah, he'd posted it on here too so I knew I'd seen it, but I can't link externally to CS, so found the SaxyP one. Very true Ali, but the fact someone else has got the same issue weighs a little more in my favour. Meh. I'll pester till they're sick of me. :D


  V6, R500, Jeep SRT
Only thing you can do! It's what i would do! Wouldn't expect alot better from si Deutsch tho!
Oh they'll be pestered alright. LOL.

Very true, again. I'm after something I don't give a f**k about really, it'll be maintained, but it won't be loved. LOL. Hence why I keep brushing the idea of a new 1 series M Sport off. Bloody sister.

A barge will do me fine. :)


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What a nightmare!! Glad you kept at it and finally got somewhere. Really takes the shine off an otherwise excellent car though I guess. Can understand why you are getting rid.

Dont automatically think that German = Quality though. I have had lots of different makes of cars over the years from vauxhall to citroen and now my Ph1 172. What I would say is before the Clio I had a Mk4 Golf and it was a complete piece of crap! Easily the worst car i have owned. Yeah the doors are heavy and they make a solid clunk when you close them but as far as paint quality and electrical gremlins go it was shocking!!

Just goes to show you can get a "bad" from any manufacturer.

As someone said in an earlier post, It sounds like you have a "Friday afternoon" car.
So half an hour ago I picked up the pretty blue shed from it's, I hoped, last visit to my stealers. It was due back yesterday, but they wanted to give it a 'road test' before letting me have it.

I pulled into the car park and there was the shed all gleaming. Alloys are mint after being refurbed my SEM in Sunderland. Gear box feels ok, I expect it needs a longer drive than the 5 miles home for me to get a good feel for whether it's actually any better.

Pulled up outside my house, parked up, looked at the driver side rear alloy and low and behold the centre cap is missing! Roffle. Just rang them, and they have to order me another one :rolleyes:, so in fact, it won't be the shed's last visit to them. C'est la vie.


ClioSport Club Member
Lols so some monkey has just lost a centre cap?

Do they not see this as a big deal?

Like it happens everyday! Idiots!
They said it was on, and it will have come off en route home. They're still ordering me one for nothing so we'll see how it goes. Although I'm wondering what'll happen with the centre cap - as I'm sure the alloys won't be the exact same colour as Renault painted them, so the cap might have to go to SEM in Sunderland to be painted. FLOL!

In the mean time I'm driving round like a pikey cnut missing a centre cap! Tusk!
  Nimbus 197
Lets hope those wheels stay pristine...........................

Did Renault ever say what the problem was with your gearbox?