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My Run In With A Fiesta RS Turbo!!!

Had a wicked little race with an RS and it has to be said we were very even!!

He overtook me off guard and then I over took him in a similar way then it was just the 2 of us!! He squeezed past me again at about *10 then a corner loomed he slowed down a bit and did not have the power to get back up to speed so I cruised past at *20, then he flashed and we called it a day, nice little thumbs up and wave at the next island, but all in all very good fun!!

I have never come up agianst one of these. Apparently the valver and fiesta tub share the same sort of speeds so aint supprising that you where even.

I do really like the fiesta tub though

i had a fool in an xr2i sitting up my ass round roundabouts and stuff. then i got bored of entertaining him and left him in my mirror. by a looooooooooong way! lol!

I never raced an XS2i either. I would love to as they all think that they got some sort of sports car!! Id show them what a hot hatch is all about.

I think there is only bout 2 XR2is around my town and definatly no RSTubs

I like xr2s and xr2is, having had 8 of them:D and I do rate them as a hot hatch, the mark2 esspecialy.....lots of fond memories..;)

I always wanted an RS Turbo scince they were first introduced but when I finally had the chance to own one found them to be far to loud and heavy...or maybe Im just getting old :cry: lol!!!!

Anyway I still think they are a very good car!

All i can say is if you managed to stick with him then it must have been a standard fiesta tubby or he was not really trying as if it had been tuned you would have been gone in dust!! I had a bit of a play the other evening with my hubby he was in his tubby and i was in johnny, i was in the background at all times!!! He is running 165HP though!!