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My Wheels :-) Comments Please

There going on in about a week;)Will take picture then , It's booked in at renault in a week( so leaving my brothers wheels on ).
DaveJwxm said:
i like, i think u might need 4 tho;)
Omg, I feel so silly :'( I'm glad you told me, I would of looked so silly trying to fit 2 wheels where there is ment to be 4.

The one above me :) said:
don't like the black paint them gun metal, what cars it for ?
Clio mk1 Ph1 :)
  A number of clios
love them wheels mate was going to buy some for myself but changed my mind and had the ace 112's and had them painted so there one offs
JLO said:
put them on the car... you can judge it better that way.. looks good so far
Heres a fast picture on the car, Not a very good picture as i just took it and its dark.
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Ok had a look, Tread is perfect nothing wrong with them. No kurb marks nothing, They are 9 Inchs From Side to side ( 8 inch tread )

i don't no how much he wants i think his open to offers.