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n e 1 here from Bristol

Yes. Me, Ben R and Lofty. I think Ihavea16v is also from these parts.

I used to be the rep for this area, but the Police thought I was a crusie organiser and came down on me heavily (another story). So theres now another area rep for Bristol and Im the South Wales rep - but I dont think hes ever organised anything in these parts.

Lofty, Ben R and I were going to meet up soon, so Ill add you as my "buddy" and tell you when were doing something.

Yeah im from bristol. Im in st andrews just off ashley down road/hill. I have a question for any of you who know bristol well. I have to have a service and MOT on my car and was wondering what garages are good? Any help would be appreciated cus i dont really wanna goto KWIKFIT!!

Im a Bristol Boy

Live in saltford near keynsham, that reminds me im gonna do some vids of me wipping it down there in the valver so they should be posted soon!