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N/W -Thursday night

  2012 WRX Waggon

Adi / Clean - either of u out this thursday night???

Paddy ru free?

looking to burn up some handforth tarmac!! lol

i am! sporting a fresh dent in my rear quarter panel:mad:.

am sure adi will be there, maybe even col? come on paddy and everyone else! may have even talked my mate to bring down his super rare super modded super quick;) golf G60 down for some racing action, prepare to be blown away!
  2012 WRX Waggon

ha hah - the gauntlet is down, how will paddy respond.............;)

clean (maidi?)...wanna meet at the same spot?? same time???? Ill bring some bog for ya mate - special kind (manchester evening news and wallpaper paste) works wonders!!

looking forward to it - u will stand no chance against my new silvered indicator bulbs ha ha ha ha ha..cough splutter....hey wait for me!!!!

  clio 20v

bet urs is lookin forward to its next running in session

im gonna counteract ur silver bulbs with my grooved brake discs which actually help to pull the car along ;)


erm people, arent you forgetting the new aerodynamics that the dent has given me? also there is a little laquer chip so that has increased my power/weight ratio, im gonna be kicking ass all over the show! same pplace paul, say 8.30 though?

Mehdi (maidi was nearly right!)
  clio 20v

sh!t im goin to hav to come up wiv summat special now, wheres my furry dice an blue neon window washers haha ull neva beat me now


look mate, dont make me pull out the chrome wing mirrors and blue side repeters. might even add a sun-strip with RACER!!! written across it. you ready for your weekly bitching session then adi?
  clio 20v

ill just get "on a mission" on the front and "too fast for u" on the back ull neva catch me then

yeh im ready were startin to get proper bad now with the bitchin lol, that guy last week was funny who obviously had bought an 8ft square sheet of mesh an had drilled lots of random holes in his corsa lol


lol 8ft multi buy discount! and that guy who had ram-raided halfords and stuck all the bits in various places! you meeting us at the petrol station?

Clean 16v/thursday nw cruise boys....

isnt there a disused runway or something near handforth dean, in those fields to the back of stanley road, im sure there used to be, i used to walk a dog round there years ago??? if it still exists its be much better than stocky multistorey for drag runs...

  TT 225

Wouldnt bother with the stickers etc. cos Ill be there to kick all your asses! ;):D muhahahahaha LOL

Sorry..... LOL see you there on Thursday tho :)

clean 16v

i havent been to one yet, i think i drove past it one night, is it the one on the stanley green industrial estate? i had a look on that road map site but cant find it, but im sure it was there ten years ago, it was a good wuarter mile at least. ill look on some other maps and see if its there and if its accessible....


so why dont you come along? yes it is on the stanley green industrial estate, we meet there before going on to a multi-storey for some racing!

i may do, i dont know if its really my thing, its a bit cold for a jessie like me to be standing around... im all for a bit of friendly racing though...

are there many clios that go?

  320d M Sport

hello! Just seen this and cant goim afraid!! GOt no money! not even for petrol... until Tuesday..... then its gettin serviced..... oh yes.

what do u mean its not your thing? your a car forum user so it must be! i go, adiclio16v, visceral, kelly and mikey16vclio go. its all fun and games!