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N100CUP - Ultra Red Clio 200

David Stuart

ClioSport Club Member
Recently took the blue T4 off the road after it’s alternator failed and I can’t be bothered fixing it. I’ve taken it as the opportunity to do the PD conversion I had always planned, but I needed a car to replace it.

After loads of hassle trying to buy a Racing Blue 200 then a few other cars I’ve finally got something. It made sense to get a Renault sport as I’ve got another plan for it.

Here are a few photos from the detailer just before I collected it tonight.






It’s a decent one. Has 101k miles, had a cam belt and dephaser 14 month ago and spark plugs, oil service and rear brakes 6 months ago. Gearbox is perfect.
It does have a proper asbo exhaust though so I might have to change that.

And here is the grand plan. Keep it as road a road car. I need to be able to use it to take the kids around, do the shopping, drive to work. But I’m going to fit some coilovers and some other parts and put some graphics on for my side gig doing four wheel alignments. Think of it as a sort of demo / advertising thing.


I’ve purchased N100CUP as a private plate to match my hillclimb car as well.

There are a few parts I’m looking for as well so if another has any 200 parts give me a shout.

Looking for a Bluetooth radio (Renault one)
Original air box and battery cover.
Centre cap (prob just buy new)

I’ll get some more photos up if I get a chance this weekend.

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ClioSport Club Member
Nearly ordered one of these brand new back in the day when I got a Megane instead (similar colour - Capsicum Red), still want to try a 200 one day and yours looks really good!

David Stuart

ClioSport Club Member
Got a standard exhaust secured today off the 197/200 forum.

Not even looked but I know there is no centre section and pretty sure it’s a straight through. A bit too much for me.

Hopefully this time next week I’ve got a standard exhaust fitted.

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