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Just been to halfords in warrington and theyve got nakamichi head units on sale at half price - £250!

First it was meguairs, now Nakamichi at halfords?

Whats going on?

is halfords not allowed to stock anything good, is that a rule?

i really dont understand all this stereotyping.

No offence, but the only reason they are doing it at these prices is precisely coz of this stereotypical view people have of them.

They did a massive order of them from BBG & unfortunatly due to the market base they have at halfords no1 liked them or bought them. So they were stuck with nearly the same amount they ordered 8months down the line so to shift them they are doing them half price.....

You wont find many places (if any) that have any left because that is cheaper than online & is actually the same as what they pay for them. I still sell them at the moment at £449.

Great units tho, ive got one in my car!

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halfords sell allot of highend stuff... u just have to know who to talk to, also because of the way people think they are like they end up selling them off very cheap... did it last year or the year before with a sh*t load of polk momo stuff!

naks are very good but can be a little tempremental... allthough i would still buy 1 if i needed a new headunit and could afford a top model lol

Talking about nakamichis....

does anyone want one for their car, ive got one for sale for £200.... the facia is 18 months old but the actual unit is only a month old... (the benefits of working in an ICE shop!)