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nasty rattle at 2k rpm

  '92 172, Lotus Elise
After my issue yesterday with my rocker cover gasket failing, I seemed to have developed a nasty rattle!

it happens when the engine hits about 2k rpm, under load or not. its perfectly fine until then.

here is a recording of the rattle. (you can hear it at about 4s and again at 6s+)

It sounds like a screw has come lose (I know 2 came out my starter motor yesterday!!) and is just rattling about :( I can't find anything though.

any thoughts?
  53' 172 Cup
hello mate - i had the exact same thing on my motor....tinny rattle noise coming on at about 2k revs . was sure it would turn out to be heatshield as thats what it usually is.....turned out to be one of the lambda sensors on the cat had come loose..tightened it up and noise is gone
  53' 172 Cup
on my car there is one at front of cat and one behind it - might be elsewhere on will prob see large spark plug lookin things stickin out around the cat
  '92 172, Lotus Elise
just to confirm.. the cat is the box just after the down pipe... about a third of the way along the car?

i can see one plug there.. but it seems fine :(
  53' 172 Cup
yes the cat is straight after d/pipe. if not that then heat shield wuld be next guess. worst case scenario is somwthing fallen into cat - get it down to a garage mate!