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nearly flooded my car

  Clio MK 4
Was at the lake district and has been raining quite a bit so parts of the roads were a bit flooded.

There was one part quite deep and as i was going through following a car and then my car cut out just as i was getting out of the puddle. Tried starting it up and it wouldnt for the first 3 times which i shat myself but then tried again and managed to start it up after it spluttered a bit. Its been two days and its been fine with no problems *touch wood* but wondered if i may have knackered it? I don't think it properly got in the system otherwise it wouldn't have started at all.
  Suzuki Ignis Sport
Water may have gotten into the ECU system, engine etc, so worth lifting up the bonnet and having a look for puddles of water floating around.

I had water in my ECU system, which meant everytime it rained my car would cut out randomly! You don't want that! Was a pain in the arse! managed to flog the Clio to part/ex tho.
  Black 197
Shouldn't have done any damage tbh, but as you know water and engines dont mix, If it cut out and say you left it sitting for months then you may have a problem but if she's running fine now then i doubt anything will be damaged


ClioSport Club Member
Two experiences of this, First was years ago in my vts. Hydrallic'd the engine going under
a bridge as didnt realise the water was about a foot deep.

Second was in the 182 going 50mph on a very wet duel caridgeway. The water broke
one of the fuel injectors. It sounded like a subaru running on 3.