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Need a new TV!! Help!

  1 Series Coupe
We have now come to the conclusion we need a new tv... everything that is suppose to be black is red... not just a tidge of red... but red red!! (if you know what i mean)

We have got about £1000 to spend... but will go more if find something much better for a little extra cash...

Anyone got a decent TV that they recommend?

Thanks in advance

  172 Cup
There's enough "what tv" threads on here mate. Take 15 minutes to look and you'll see the Tosh and Samsung's will be the most common replies.
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hitachi pd7200, i got the pd7500 which is the same apart from inbuilt freeview and a grey insted of black surround, brilliant picture. you can pick the pd7200 up for just over £1000 oh and its a 42" plasma...