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Need Advice Fast

  A4 Avant & R52 S

Ive just seen a M reg 16 clio, which im thinking of buying.. Its very tidy inside & out.
But the clutch peddle is VERY hard, is this a common clio thing? or is it bad news,

thanks for the help

my pedal is slightly stiff when i release it slowly it makes a creaking noise ive been told its just the cable which is about 50 notes to replace( not from renault) How many miles the car done? if thats all thats wrong with it, get it mate....
  Leon Cupra

Depends on how stiff it is mate (because they are a bit stiff anyway) my 16v clutch pedal was well stiff so much so that the clutch cable snapped, the garage that fixed it said the reason the clutch was so stiff was because it was on it way out.


a small crack ???.. you mean in the metal, or the paint... ?

Either could point to a full respray (a poor one ) or accident damage... look a bit closer..

To coin a phrase there all like that as in mega stiff. After a week you wont notice but drive a different car and get back in the valver and youl swear theres something very wrong.

My 95 16v was
  Skoda Fabia vRS

mine seemed VERY stiff when i first got it, but you get used to it and it seems normal after a few days, all clios are like that
  Golf GTTDI 130PD

Yeah, Even my 1997 1.4 clio has stiff clutch, I know that when they changed to mk2 shape that they became a hell of alot lighter as they were my courtesy cars for a while.