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Need help with this one

Can somebody please tell me all or any of the differences between a 16v/willy front shock absorber and that found on a 1.4 RT etc

Basically I have a 1.4S which seems to have a strange hub bolt distance and I cant find aftermarket shocks to fit. I was wondering if 16v shocks would go on.

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P.I will do shocks for you. Either 52 or 54 gap i think...

how low you going? if its only 30mm dont bother with shocks.

Nah mate you see Ive already dropped the front 55mm on standard shocks but mine are weird in that the gap between the hub bolt holes is more like 60mm.

I actually bought gmax 54mm struts but they didnt fit, which is why I am wondering if the 16v/Rsi had a wider bolt hole distance.

Cheers anyway
  FOR SALE - Mk1 V6

sh*t, thought they only did 2 sizes.

16v/rsi may be the same only if there the same age as yours.