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Need some help on camera buying

  Civic Em1, Civic Eg4
My parents are going to buy me a camera but really dont know what to get so thought some one on here could give me some good examples to go for.
I dont really know much about how to use all the in depth functions i read about people using on here, but would like something to learn on. The Nikon D40 and D60 people seem to be recommending alot on here.
Would one of these be good to learn on but still get some good quality pictures on auto?
Any help will do :)

D60 is being discontinued, its replacement is the D3000 which is probably the best learning camera out there as it now has a full help feature. You tell the camera you want a blurred background or whatever and it will guide you through the settings. The D40/D60 had a more basic version, the D3000 takes it a step further to really help you learn the camera.

You can of then not use this mode and shoot how you like, and it will be fine at taking full-auto moe pics whilst you learn the rest.

Its around £400 which the 18-55 VR kit lens, which is a great starter lens too.

Just depends if that is above your budget?

If it is, try sourse a 2nd hand D40/D60.
  Civic Em1, Civic Eg4
This D3000 dose sound good, but maybe a little bit out of my price range
Anything else that is abit cheaper but could also take me through the steps of learning?