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a 1.4RT isnt gonna get a girl to christen it for u is it

if it was a williams or something.. then u may be on the right track.

Any girls wanna christen mine? ;) well get feking swimming lol.

when my last car was christend it would have been ok except it wasnt ME DOING IT :mad: and they wondered why i was pissed off
  Clio v6

Ewwwww Just the thought of girls getting so pissed as to fancy a 1.4 RT and chuckin up all over a nice Clio whatever model it is. ( they are all great cars ) Or do you mean something else more sordid as in womanly monthy problems on seats etc?


he is asking if any lass will have sex with him in his car !! thats all

not sure about my 172 there aint much room in the back
  Clio v6

Quote: Originally posted by dogmaul on 26 March 2003

not sure about my 172 there aint much room in the back
Any female midgets out there wanna ride in the back of mine LOL


Does anyone wish they spent a couple more quid to get the supergaurd care thing ha ha

Wana be careful of these extreme seats.... they get well stained..... my mate called me a dirty c**t!! hahaha Good job I have lots of uphostry cleaner!

Lol slip one off the wrist....

If ur getting really desperate then there is always a whore to give one.... she wont mind what car ya got just want ur 40 quid!

LOL these are classy whores though! From Chatham..... If you try to stop they come out of nowhere and try getting in your car... (Want any business) hahaha Turned her right away right after i enquired how much coz I always wanted to know that for some reason.....

we are dirty dirty men we are :D i have only ever see one prostitute that i know of she was outside the train station in boro by god she was ugly

not alot really i was just thinking out loud cos alton towers is fabtastic :D

what we should do is have a big cliosport dayout to alton towers all the areas turn up and stuff big cruise down or up or even left or right ;)

i think it would be quite good