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you can call me sad but iv got blue neons under my black clio and when she is clean and shiny i think it looks nise. but iv just finished my boot install and it needs sumet els but i dont no wot. my dad sed to put a neon tube in there but i dont no where to put one.

any one got any suggestions??

thanks Graham

if you like em then thats that really, doesnt matter what anybody else think of them mate.

anyways, in order to answer you question i think it would be a good idea to get a pic of your install up, that way people can suggest where they think it would look best:)

i had a car pass me the other night flashing like a traffic light on acid i mean why, why i ask you WHY!!!!!

Having the speakers youve got lit up around the outside looks pretty good, and light going over the top of your amp (if its sunk into the boot floor)
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Neons look really smart on the right car, especially blue ones on a black car.... it just gets sad when nobheads put multi colour ones or flashing ones on their sh*tty old metros.

put a couple of those LEDs in it, they produce a nice glow and you cant see them. and like nightfire says rings round the speaker look good and over a sunken amp