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neoquip web site up now

after starting off with abusiness idea back in Feb 2002
i now have a company.. Neoquip(Europe) Ltd...yes i am registered at Companys House as a limited company!

and today (8months on) i have a proper web site up on the net!
no more holding page LoL

a lot of time and (my) money has gone into this the real work starts.

cant belive how long every thing takes to get sorted.
but its all been worth learning new things every day.
has something for you to read and the on line shop opens on Thursday.

thanks everyone for there know who you are

please give feed back on your thoughts on the site.

thank you

Looks very good, but where are the prodcts? are they all in the online shop or can you view them somwhere else?

Very nice site overall. Hope it works for you. Good luck.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

nice site mate

do you know why no one uses cold cathode lights on cars instead?

you can get em for £20 and they put out more light and require less voltage

JESUS!! just had a price heart attack!!

i got all my undercar neons for under £100 !!! there only lights they aint that much to make, what u on a 40ish % mark up there?


cus they break dead easy....and what less volage can you get than 12v!! lol all the neon stuff is low voltage anyway.

Ben, you get what you pay for! KoolGlow Neon has a two year warranty! special acrylic casing etc etc etc and the Best Made product on the in the US market today (imho)..and ONLY distributed by NEOQUIP(Europe) you havent got the same as what we sell. ;)

no.. but when i smashed my car a while ago the front got ripped off flung across the road then dragged underneath my car........ still worked afterwards....