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Network, Server, Workgroup... Whats best?

  1.6 Focus, 1.6 122S
Currently my place of work (A Garden Centre) has 9 PC's linked over a network in a Workgroup and 4 Tills (Also PC's) all running XP Pro.

These are all old PC's and the workgroup came about after the Server a Dell PowerEdge 2600 started erratically restarting itself. Its been sitting in the corner for about 6 years with Windows 2000 Sever Pro on it.

Nobody here has a clue when it comes to computers, the person who looked after it all and set it up left 2 years ago.

Since then I have had the role of fixing things when they go wrong. But the Hardware of teh PC's (mostly hard drives and CD-roms) is failing left right and centre.

If your still reading, well done! Question is. What would those in teh know recomend. Should I try and get the server back up and running? Or is it old and inferioir. So should I convince them to buy a new one and go back to having a server.

Or is that a waste, is just replacing teh failing PC's the smartest path?
  Facelift R53 Cooper S
Well by the sounds of it even if the Server was working the PC's are falling apart so that would be the first port of call, trying to get some kind of stable system from the PC's alone

There's nothing wrong with Windows 2000 if it's doing what you need it to, no point upgrading the server just for the sake of it, although you do need to find out why it keeps restarting itself lol

But i suppose if they're willing to scrap everything and buy everything new then you may aswell...

i probably haven't been of much help but at least you have another opinion :)
  1.6 Focus, 1.6 122S
Being a small independent the company doesn't have alot to spend, so cheapest option, that will last, is best!

I haven't a clue why it keeps restarting, I was wondering if a fresh install would work!

In terms of setup which would you recomend? Sever or Workgroup?
  Facelift R53 Cooper S
Depends really what you're using it for.......

if everyone has their own login and data is being saved to a central area then having a server would be beneficial.

But if all the machines are just standalone and they don't need to share data then a workgroup is fine.

the first port of call would be to get the machines working though