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New 182 owner; hell new Renault owner.

  Clio Sport 182
Good afternoon all; new 182 owner here.

My previous driving history is mainly BMW; but due to "her indoors" getting a company car; I didn't need my big barge of a 5 series any longer.

Buy something cheap she said; buy something reliable to drive to work and back in she said.

Ok I said; I'll buy a Clio. I may have neglected to mention that the DCi didn't even come up on the radar; and what I was actually considering (insert evil laugh - sorry you'll have to make your own up. I don't like emojis)

What the hell is that? Why does it say 2.0 16v on the side; Why does it sound like you're waking the dead; She said.

Me probably in the doghouse I said.

Hey ho; and here we are. I bought a 182; and in all fairness it's laughable funny to drive; it's my first car of French origin; so I'm not what you would call "clued up" in terms of Renault ownership.

Plans for the car - well; in short; when something breaks I shall upgrade it; that's about the size of it. For example the fog lights are knackered so I'm just going to take them out; the parcel shelf was knackered so I binned it and I have no intention of replacing it. It had no rear wiper; no problem; taking it off and shove a grommet in there. Weight saving you see.

I think we can see where this is going. Over time just make the car more purposeful as opposed to a no holds barred track car; something which I can still drive to work and back without my ears bleeding or my back giving way totally.

I found the car locally from a 17 year old lad who bought it because he liked the black wheels and the fact it was faster than anything else his mates owned; but come a cropper when he was literally laughed off go compare.

His loss, my gain. Bargain.

Quite amazingly dispite the 17 year old additions (I'm not down with the kids sorry) it actually has a perfect mechanical history (the clincher)

I'm under no illusion; this car is far (and I mean far) away from concourse conditon, it's got a dink in the rear quarters, a dink in the boot, the horn doesn't work; and the washer jets have a mind of its own. Oh and it has some silly head unit with flashing lights; and no surround. The wing mirror is hanging off, and flaps about; making overtaking interesting. Usually a close eyes and hope method. No bother; quick fixes, it has some unnamed induction kit; and to all intents and purposes it actually sounds quite good; but a regular air box will be going back in the car.

The full miltek though is staying. I like that. I use generally quality products; and that is. Happy with that. Pleasant noise too. Lovely.

So that's me and my Clio. I'm in doghouse; but I'm in the doghouse with a smile on my face; like a dog who has just found out it can eat its own leg.

Now for the technical (help me bit) If it's ok with you; I'll stick all of the questions here; as there are not totally specific.

Did the 182 ever come with an AUX port? I want to put a stock stereo back in; but I do like being able to connect my phone for my plectara of rubbish music? If not I might just bin the stereo all together. In this case do Renault make any form of blanking plate?

Second - I plan to sort out the front suspension out; it's probably tired and could with a refresh. I'm not going to splash out on remote damping etc, so what is best to go with?
In line with this - I'm going to release the ball joints and track rod ends from torture, are upgrades available? Or is OE the way to go? And anything else I could consider?

Cruise control doesn't work in 5th. Limiter does. Any clues?

Anything generally else that I should consider?

Thank you for taking the time to read this; and I hope that the thought of me in the doghouse with nothing but fish heads to eat for the foreseeable future has brightened your day.
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ClioSport Club Member

If I remember correctly you can get a kit that allows you to add an aux input to the standard stereo, by connects2.

Personally, if I was to go down the Clio road again, I would go with Cup shocks and Cooksport springs. OE ball joints etc.

Not sure on the cruise control issue.

The main thing to look out for on these is the cambelt - the timing is very sensitive and easy to get wrong when changing the belts, to the point that even Renault dealers have made a hash of it. I would recommend that they're changed by a Renaultsport Specialist.
Welcome buddy, bloody hell from a 5er to a 182 for the commute, you mad man! I'll be honest I hate my 182 for the daily commute and cannot wait to get out the thing and back in my old Mondeo. Totally different story on track it feels like coming from a lazy boy in the BM to a dil*o chair from Helga's house of pain driving the 182.
  Clio Sport 182
Thank you indeedy for the welcome.

Yep I went from the 5er, but in all honesty it was starting to get a bit long in the tooth and the bills were getting higher; plus now we have the "nice" car if we end up at say a Grand house for a shindig or soirée if you will; that left me free to get rid of the 5 and get a heap to run to work in. I don't have far to travel and to be fair it's not that bad; I can live with it.

Thanks for the advice I shall look into that post haste.

Silly question; I take it the cup shocks are different to the stock 182 then? Who are they manufactured by?

I'm just finishing my first fish heads of the day, with a side of tartre sauce. She likes me really I think.