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New 182 owner - South West

  Clio 182 FF
Hi all, just picked myself up a FF 182.

Long list of jobs to do tidying it up but think I have a good base to start with! First on the list as good old service followed by raising it up/ fitting the standard suspension with most likely Eibach springs. Does anyone have any recommendations? I have been told its currently running k-tec coilovers which are set way too low (IMO) but have not yet looked to confirm.

Its also running a fairly lairy (IMO) Pure Motorsports exhaust. Anybody have any experience with this system? I'd like to tone it down slightly so will be refitting a Cat. Will a standard one fit this system and will it quieten it down or should I just replace the whole system with something else?

The plan for the car is to generally tidy up/ refresh the car and enjoy it as a fairly standard roadgoing 182.

Anyways, here's some pics - nice to meet you all!

clio rear.jpg
clio front.jpg
  BG 182 FF
Welcome aboard! That looks like a nice little project to get stuck into.

I bought mine a month ago and also keeping the car standard with the view to possibly changing the current Milltek system. It produces a fair old noise on the motorways but I do have the cat for it.

Hopefully you'll find some good answers to your questions right here.

Mine's booked in with Alex at AW Motorworks next month for a full health check.


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 182
Nice little car that will come up lovely with a good detailing session. I'm running Eibach sportlines which are good but if you want more standard ones then maybe the Eibach prolines might be the way to go. Be good to post up some more pictures once you do the bits.


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 182
Welcome to the silver club mate! Get it snow foamed a few times and give it a good clean.

In terms of exhaust, you should be able to get a standard cat. Mine came with standard cat and a KTEC catback and I really like it, not too droney and retains the OEM look.

I'd bin the coilovers off and replace with OEM dampers, you can get a new set for mega cheap. I've got Cooksport springs on mine, a little bit lower than OEM but handles great, well great for everyday use and what I need. Apart from that you should be good to go. Have the belts been done?

Here's a few of mine.

  Clio 182 FF
Hi Guys, thanks for the welcome!

Purchased the car with very little history, I've been told the cambelt and dephaser have been done recently but no proof. I will keep an eye on things and definitely add to the list for peace of mind.

@Crazylegs Your car is looking lovely, that's what I'm aiming for in the immediate future, ultimately I'd like a set of Turini's but that can wait so I will be refurbishing the 182 wheels in the short term. Do you know what height springs yours are?

@bearne1 Based in Bristol mate, you?

I think OEM cup dampers will be on the cards, I'll look into Cooksport and the Eibach offerings. In the interim I'll see if I can wind up the coilovers to make it a bit more drivable. On my brief inspection it also appears to have had Powerflex bushes fitted to pretty much all of the front end!

Priories for now are a service, raise it up clean the interior and then a wheel refurb in the standard colour! I will have to sort out a progress blog when I get round to working on her.