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New 182 Owner!

  Clio 182
Just thought id post up to say Hi!

I bought the 182 a couple of weeks a go and so far am really enjoying it.

Its a one previous owner, 44k miles with full Renault service history! :D

Ive come from a MK1 Focus RS so the clio is down on power and I really miss a turbo but its fun none the less. Its so much more usable than the focus and i'm doing my best not to get as finicky, however hours after picking it up, i treated it to a full clay, polish and wax.........

G 172 has already supplied me with some new brakes which I fitted last weekend so she now stops really well too!!

Hopefully ill make it to a few track days over the next couple of months and meet a few of you




ClioSport Trader
  need BRAKES? PM me
Welcome along mate. Looks really tidy, thanks for using me for your brakes aswel. Glad you're pleased with them!
  Clio 182
Thanks. Agreed with the satisfaction of cleaning an Arctic. I hated cleaning my black fiesta. It would take ages to get a good finish. Since waxing the Clio, its been a breeze to clean.