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New 200

Right.. my new car is finally here and its bloody amazing! i picked it up wednesday and its absolutely p*ssed it down all day so the car is a bit grimy and i havent had the chance to take any good pics but i will in due course!

The handling is fantastic, so planted and precise and the ride is quite hard over the road but not too crashy.

Its soo frustrating having to run it in, it comes alive at 5,000 rpm and just flies but cant be doing too much of that until its run in! :mad:

The recaros look the part but are quite annoying to get in and out of and i found them quite uncomfortable on journeys over about 2 hours.

Gets loads of attention (good or bad thing you decide) and anyone on here who is waiting for one will not be disappointed in the slightest.

In my view its a fantastic car and im so happy with it!

Any way thanks for reading and as i said i,ll put some better pictures up soon!

p.s lets count how many "wheels are crap" and "another white one" comments there are ;)


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Mint, i dont mind the standard rims actually!!! :)

GW is the best colour for a 200, period.
  PS 200
That is without doubt the worst 200 I've seen yet :eek:

mine's much better - not fitted with crappy seats ;):D


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Well obviously not I would rather have different cars over a 200 but my choice would be 182/200 then a 197 tbf

If I was to go reno again


Tho I will admit I like that combo of white with the twin 5-spoke alloys, LY is far better IMO.
  PS 200
Another white one with crap wheels.

Couldn't resist!
I'll be honest with you.

When I ordered the car I didn't know what was what when it came to wheels - but I remember seeing various pictures and thinking that all the media shots had the "fancy wheels" that would be extra and I'd end up with those crappy black ones - turns out the Standard ones are the fancy ones and the black speedlines are not only $hite - but I'd have to pay extra for them :rasp:;)
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  GW RS200
Gets loads of attention (good or bad thing you decide)

Can't wait for mine (GW too, but with black speedlines)- always felt my silver 172 was a bit too subtle ^^ Attention from other hot hatch drivers, or the public in general? When did you order btw? The wait for delivery is driving me insane! I love the cup anthracite wheel design aswell, though actually. What did you own before also?
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