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New addition to GF's mini

  Racing Blue 182
Got her some angel eye spot lamps fitted today. Not the size of geniune spots, but look great.Can wait to see them in th dark







and, it finnally gets lowered on Wednesday
nope, dont do it for me either.

would look better with the 2 outside ones, coupled with a CooperS bonnet scoop.
  RX7, 172, mini & van
umm??? never really liked the new 1s.
I had all 4 on my classic mini great in dark used to light up ever where birds fly out the trees thinking the sun was out haha but car cont handel the power drain haha
Those spots are a bad move. I used to work for BMW and they had a tech bulletin posted that dealers were only to fit one pair of spots per car due to four that some dealers were fitting causing cooling issues due to them effecting airflow in through the bonnet grill.
  RS Meg 175
oh dear ^^
I think as fubar said outside two would look better tbh
Wheels look tidy would look even better in white :p
  Clio Trophy 79/500
I had four on my mini, but that was a MK1 morris. I like spots and fogs on minis, but do they not do a pod for the new mini? But each to their own. Nice wheels.

I guess its like nose piercings, one or two can be o.k but four just looks a little OTT. Also as mentioned they may cause the car to get quite hot blocking the rad etc...

"car cont handel the power drain haha" i remember mine ,if it was raining at night you either had to have the lights on or the window wipers on. But never both. ha
  57 Ibiza Formula Sport
dont like em either! too much!
desperately needs lowering too! thought it had been?!
  182 has now gone!
My cousin has got a cooper S Works.. his is going into Chandlers to have 4 spot lamps fitted.. I think they look good :D
  Racing Blue 182
ohh well, shes happy with them

They are big, but look great

Heres a pic in dark.


Dont forget it is a girls car lol
  fastest passat in't world
Would look better if they were not angel's and if they were smaller.

Good job its not a cooper S as no air would get to the S/C!
  Leon Cupra R 225
take em off and it would look sweet also decked 60mm ;)

love it tho lovely colour and wheels look sweet


would deffo have just been the two spots for me. Love the alloys personally. Not a car id have myself, but nice for the other half.
Seen better, and the angel eyes are just tacky. Had xenons on my Mini and they looked ace, should of got them instead!



  Shiny red R32
Deb182 said:
Not too keen either I'm afraid, looks too OTT.
I agree!! those spotlights look far too big and OTT on the Mini :dead: I hope nothing reverses into it as those lights would be the first to get hit!! The N20 CUP car above looks just right!
Sorry, I don't like the dark wheels either. Good job we don't all like the same things!! ;)
  Golf GTI 1.8T
not a fan of them at all...

I love the extra spots on cooper S's but more than 2 looks out of place..

wanna get some for my gf's but just too expensive at £150+ for a couple of lights.