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New and looking for my 1st RS Clio - Help

  Mini Cooper S JCW
Hi all

As you can see i have just joined :approve:

Have reluctantly just seen my Mini Cooper S JCW sold as was being used so little i couldn't justify keeping him with a marriage in September. So he was sold and funds are being put towards our wedding which leaves me approx £2000 to spend on a 'new' fun car but to also double as a daily commute. I have always liked the RS Clio 172's and particularly the ph1 version (although I do like the Peugeot 306 GTI-6 too). I am leaning v much towards the 172 though as performance is more comparable to my Mini. I have read the Buying Guide on here which is v informative :approve:. But am confused about what I should be expecting for the price. Looking on different car sites there seems to be a number of ph1's with varying milage for this price so am a little confused :S. Can anyone advise what sort of milage I should expect for this price, I have seen one that apparently is mint that has only done 54,000 miles and another at 40,000 miles , the price of the latter around £1800. Does this sound a bit too good to be true? I have seen others that have done 110,000 miles for £2000, or are these over priced? :S


  S4 Avant
Ph1s are a wierd bunch right now. Some people see them as a 10 year old french hatchback, others see them as the best of the range of RS clios, so the prices differ anywhere between £1500-£4000, depending on whether it's being sold by some one "in the know" or not.
  Maybe a 172 Cup..
Hello and welcome mate;)

£2K will get you a very good example of a phase 1 172. Just need to not rush in, and be prepared to wait a little. As already said some go for next to nothing, where others are overpriced IMO. Main issue now will be that should have had 2x belt changes unless you get a 2001 car. Love looking for new cars myself....
  Mini Cooper S JCW
Cheers guys

Regarding the belt changes, I know it is every 36,000 miles but what about age. i.e should a 40,000 miler 2000 car have had one change or two?


  182, Williams
Hi mate,

The cam/timming belt is due at 72000 or 5 years. Alternator belts should be changed every 36000. I recommend changing both belts including all tensioners and idlers as these are known to fail.!
tbh though if you buy a ph1 i would change the belts regardless of what the history says. These belts are easly timmed up incorectly or not fitted with new belt kits containing all the pullys req.
  Stripped yozza'd cup
^^^ as long as thebelts have been done (with reciepts to show) by a reputable specialist, then I wouldn't worry.

Main things are, as said, belts changed twice as they need doing every 5 years. The second thing is a full dealer/specialist service history. Maintenance is really important with these engines.