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New android box/fireTV needed

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So I have had my firestick for a good 4 years now. I've got a few apps loaded on it, but nothing much. However, its showings over 4gb of internal memory used up so less than a gb left. It seems to be getting a bit jittery when running netflix etc, so I guess it needs replacing. Can anyone recommend anything other than another firestick? Amazon seem to be out of stock of the Amazon TV box


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When I was looking a few months ago, the Roku Streaming Stick+ seemed to be the one to go for. So that’s what I got. Works well, prefer it to the Apple TV 4 I had TBH.

I use it for paid streaming services. NOWTV, Netflix, Prime. Has iPlayer, ITV, Ch4 and Ch5 apps too. No idea if it does other, less legit (if that’s the correct phrase) services though. It’s not something I’m interested in.

realnumber 1

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I've used Chromecast for years now. Have the original and newer one and both still work perfectly. With it just being a streaming device then the phone/computer does most of the hard work so always up to date.


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The original fire TV sticks are slow, I factory reset mine a few times but they soon slowed again, they just don't have the horsepowe, so mine resides in the holiday tech kit bag now. Replaced it with the new 4k fire TV stick (I know you said "anything other than a fire stick", but...) what a difference, fast to boot, fast app loading, and key reaction times. It's easy to side load apps including adding other appstores, the remote is pretty good and it'll have a reasonable support lifetime from Amazon (as opposed to some of the cheap android TV boxes, even some of the more costly ones have software support issues such as with Minix which my in-laws have) .
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Chromecast for me just use my phone and cast to TV. It's a piece of piss and works much smoother than firestick. I don't know why I still have the firestick connected tbh can't remember the last time I used it.

Darren S

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We bought a 4K Firestick the other month (typically it appeared in a flash sale on Amazon a few weeks later for £25) and it simply embarrasses the Samsung HD boxes and apps on the Samsung TVs that we currently have.

I'm actually awaiting for one (if not both) of the TVs to die so that I can replace them with something decent. I can't understand how a manufacturer can have so much disparity between bits of its own kit? Sound playback doesn't work on one with downloads - yet does on the other. Couldn't locate a file within a folder on the QNAP - despite being the correct 'allowed' format, yet the Firestick picked it up and played back without issue. The list goes on and on.

Pretty sure that unless I had a new Samsung TV waved under my nose for £50 - I won't be touching another with a shitty stick.


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Why not wait abit and pick an Amazon box up in the winter sale?

In the meantime try clearing the cache on the stick, might free up enough room to have it working smoothly again?
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Quite possibly, but at that price I would expect it to be. There may be a stick version on the way which I would expect to be at a cheaper price point...

Yeah its not cheap, occasional offers on amazon though. Ivd tried quite a few different android boxes (including Firetv models and the shield is way out in the lead. We have 3 of them in the house.
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I have a beelink GT King, does everything I want, plays 4k HDR content, it's fast, has 1000mbps lan (i use the box to watch content on my server) and most importantly it has a optical out, as my surround sound isn't new enough to have an HDMI input. I'd rather pay the extra and get a nvidia shield TV pro (yes I know I can get a hdmi to optical splitter for the sound) but this does the trick for me at a cheaper price.