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New boy with new clio as of tomorow

Hi everyone just signed up names Dave from Aberdeen, i pick up my new 1.2 16-valve clio dynamic tomorow morning at 9:30 from Va***s. Cant wait now its taken 6 weeks to come.

I have some big plans for it and realised im going to need some advice along the way which is why im posting now ;-)


Aloha mate! Whats with the Va***s? Is it Vardys as-in Reg "bagosh*te service" Vardys?

Nice choice of motor BTW - what colour are you getting?


hiya everyone, spot on Fred in wanna slam it 60 and put 17" Dare V2s on, also very soon Viper induction, crossed bodykit with RS-R skirts i think, chip, lexus rears, power boost valve etc... want to push 100 bhp from it by Aberdeenbeaches next RR day