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New bumpstrip sprayed

  500bhp Scoob

Just thought id post a couple of pics of my car with a new bumpstrip sprayed up and fitted...

the old one got nicked off my car, and the car looked awful without it...

decided to do a bit of DIY colour coding, was quite hard to get the colour matched, went to 3 places that said they could get near but not perfect...

anyways would just like to thank PsYch0 for sorting out a set of bumpstrips for me, even thou i only needed the one :)

Suprising how much of a difference it makes.

Only slight prob was my dad chipped the paint :cry:
  500bhp Scoob

Quote: Originally posted by JoelDee on 15 March 2005
Good job mate, im gonna have a go at spraying my sidestrips next week!

I followed the guide on the cliosport webpage. best bit of advice i can give you is to take your time, i started mine on friday, and its only just gone on this afternoon, as laquer takes time to set.

Halfords do an assorted pack of wet and dry paper, i just cut off a square about 2 inches by 2 inches and just used that.

yer im in the mist of doing my skirts and spoiler at the moment spoilers in primer and one skirt is rubbed down
  500bhp Scoob

Quote: Originally posted by Djw Dave on 15 March 2005
<FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #407db6">I have the same colour car and couldnt get the paint matched for it. Where did you get it????Dave

The car is resprayed in Subaru 555 Rally Blue, but was the same colour as your car is now.

Pics look lighter than what they really are.

As for colour matching, my local paint supplier did it, althou the colour chart didnt have the exact colour, but i just said its been resprayed in subaru 555, and he made the paint
  2004 1.2 Dynamique

Cant wait to have a go at doing my sidestrips! If all goes well I might have a go at the back and front bumpers too!