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New Clio 200 Owner - Early Impressions / Questions

  Clio 200
Afternoon all,

Been in my Clio 200 around a week and have some early impressions along with questions which I am hoping that you guys might be able to help with! The car is cracking and is a lot of fun to drive but hoping over the next few months to sort the below list out to get something that will then be absolutely spot on! In no particular order:

  1. Door Handles - Silver painted exterior door handles have worn really badly and the silver paint seems to have faded away, can these be repainted do they need to be replaced? If so, can someone advise as to the part number and how easy it is to fit them?
  2. Bonnet Catch - When locking the car there is a constant beep that comes from the rear of the car, it goes on for about 3 minutes and then stops. I have been told it is the sensor in the engine bay area but can't seem to identify the faulty part. Any ideas on what part needs replacing would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Bonnet Rod - The lever that you unfold/prop up to keep the bonnet open doesn't have a clip / holder to secure it to when the bonnet is shut, again, any idea on the part required would be great, could this link to the above issue with the catch?
  4. Glovebox - The fit of the glovebox seems to be off with the right hand side sitting slightly lower than the left so when closed it doesn't sit properly flush to the dashboard. Is this something that can be adjusted?
  5. Ride Quality - The car is a Cup suspension model and has aftermarket wheels which it came with. It has 215/40/17 tyres fitted which I understand aren't the 215/45/17's that it should be running. The ride quality is really stiff and I am hoping that switching back to the 45 profile tyres will improve things slightly?
  6. Tyres - The car is running tyres that I haven't even heard of so want to get them changed ASAP and as above, will go back to the default 45 profile that they should be. By default I would be inclined to run Pilot Sport 4's but would be keen to understand what you guys are running and whether there are any others to consider.
  7. Gear Lever Plastic Trim Panel - This isn't properly clipped / secured in to the lower console so everytime I change gear, it moves slightly which is really annoying. Guessing some of the clips/fixings have snapped off. I believe the part number required would is 8200 393 246 but just wondered where is the best place to find it and is it easy to remove the old part and replace it with the new one?
  8. Oil Temp DIsplay - Seems like even when the car has been running for a while the oil temperature display shows to be slightly off centre (to the left), not sure whether this is normal or should the needle be bang in the middle? If so, what is the fix for this, a new oil temperature sensor?
  9. B Pillar Trims - The Black B Pillar trims look past their best, does anyone have the part number for the official Renault ones? How easy a job is it to remove the old ones and fit the new (is it just self adhesive)?
I think that's it for now and apologies for asking so much but everyone seems so knowledgeable and helpful, I figure here is a great place to start!

Thanks in advance for all of your help.


P.S. Car itself is shown below/attached :)


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  Clio 200
I believe the bonnet shut sensor on my car is missing completely, can someone advise as to the part number for it? It is the part highlighted in green in the attached, many thanks!



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  Clio 182
What brand of tyres are on it at present?

Cheap tyres will ride far more harshly that a good quality tyre if on same profile.

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  Clio 200
What brand of tyres are on it at present?

Cheap tyres will ride far more harshly that a good quality tyre if on same profile.

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The car came with tyres I hadn't even heard of! I think they are labelled "Mohawk". Hopefully this combined with the fact that they are a profile too low will mean that when decent '45' profile Michelin PS4s are fitted it will be a bit more compliant! Dave


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  Whichever has fuel
1. Door handles; I mask the area off and pair them with alloy wheel silver paint. Works a charm. I’ve tried removing them in the past and resting them somewhere they won’t tip over takes too long. 😂

2. probably need an alarm sensor on top of the slam panel. About an inch circular with a springy nipple.

3. RPD in the traders section on here. Excellent.

4. can’t officially be adjusted but a hair drier and 10 minutes of bending the lowest hinge sorts it.

5. cup suspension is hard. It’s the reason I sold mine as I had kids in baby seats. that said, 45 tyres will improve it.

6. PS4 tyres and Goodyear eagle F1 Asymmetric are the favorites on here.

7. a few guides on YouTube if you search mk3 gear knob clio. Mind your scrotum! 😂 - Again,

8. Normal.

9. a hair drier and lots of glue remover and you can remove those trims. A few people online sell replacements. Not sure about genuine.

welcome to the Club btw. Good choice!