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New Clio!!


I think you will all be relieved to hear that after writing off my bootiful metalic black 16valver a couple of weeks ago, i have bought myself a metalic red 16valver! Phew!Wot a relief!although not to worry, it will soon be resprayed black cos i aint to fond of red cars!


red aint my favourite colour either but why not spray it somthin a bit different like the mad purple/green/blue colour of the tvr in swordfish

The guy on this forum with the "Jap style" clio 16v has got is sprayed in a Subaru blue I think. The colour looks absolutely brilliant and suits the 16ver down to the ground.


All good suggestions, i have time to consider them all coz its gonna be a while before i can afford it.flip paint jobs cost a lot more than others as far as i know and in blue id feel obligated to get gold alloys!