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New Cup owner

I wont be in my bed to sleep on saturday i will be out driving my cup:)

I was well impressed by the steering in the Cup on the test drive, i currently have a megane coupe and the steering is so vague. I noticed a little bit of torque steer too i think the Cup is going to be great. Cant wait


  Audi TT Stronic

torque steer, lol.. it just adds to the fun..

its trying to get traction as you are going round a 90 degree bend at 45mph in second gear and flooring it up to 7250rpm that the scary bit..

Good choice, lots of fun. The worst bit is having to run it in. Mine was done as follows.

upto 150 miles - 3000rpm

150 - 650 - 3500rpm or 80 in 5th gear

650 - 850 - 4000rpm

850 - 1000 - 4600rpm

1000 - 1250 - 5200rpm

1250 -1500 - 5800rpm

15000 - 1650 - 6200rpm

1800miles + thrash to Boll**ks all the time

Hi all, got my Brand new cup last week, i took it on a Book a track day this Saturday and ran it in !!!! It had just over 200 miles on the clock when i got to castle comb and it had around 450 when i left. It now feels tons faster and revs better over 6000rpm. The only thing i had problems with was the brakes, any more than around 20mins on the track and the brakes just die. The pads and discs now look a bit of a mess and it has a spongy pedal. Is this a record in destroying a cups brakes?? The tyres are now half worn as well with the sides scrubbed out. If any one thinks im joking then i have tons of video clips with some pointing at the dash, showing the revs and total milage. Also have a clip with the MPG showing 12mpg!! which was about all it did on the whole day. By the way, any one want to buy a mint Clio Cup, one owner, low miles?? 11K

Eagle, 20 mins on track will cook most standard brake setups. Most trackdayers run 10-15 laps max before giving the car a breather! Pad n fluid upgrade is the way to go. Half the tyre tread gone in one day sounds about right!

Fancy a battle round Anglesey Track sometime?