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New East Mids area Rep :)

Where do you live?

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Kayla Tomas

East Midlands
ClioSport Area Rep
  Mk2Ph1 Clio S 1.4 8V
Hey everyone,
My name is Kayla and I'm excited to start organising regular meets around the region and some good eats up the tawny owl as well! :smile:

Drop a vote from where abouts you're from and I'll add it to the poll I'm running on the Facebook page. (Please don't do this twice, lets keep it fair x)
I thought the East Midlands lot were dead on here! I used to live in Mansfield, Notts but now I've moved to Shepshed, Loughborough.

It'd be nice to get some more regular meets. There's still the 'end of the month Tawny Owl meet' in Newark, but that's about it as far as regular meets go.