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new engine...

hello. need ur advise...
i had my clio 172 reinstalled a new engine, (they say its the 2004 engine model with the cambelt problem fixed and some other minor things) after blowing the engine bc of the cambelt broke.
so i want to know how do i "treat" this new engine. I like to rev it a lot and drive "aggresively".
But i need to know if its advisable or should i wait a few miles after pushin it to the limits...
I obviously want nothing to happen to my car, so should i wait or it really doesnt matter.
some say its good to keep a constat acceleration,like on a highway @ 140km/h, others say THATS not good for a new engine, so im a bit troubled here. im goin to get my car DEC 27

so whats good? whats not for a NEW engine?


basically, drive it like normal, no need ot pany about runnin it in.....

use the whole RPM range one oil tempa nd pressure are up to normal....i.e. a few secs ofr oil pressure anda few mins for oil temp.

Just enjoy and dont using the full rpm range, you ensure teh entire stroke of teh bore inc rod stretch is used.

and if anything is gonna break, you had better find out now rather than later.....otherwise you might not get it fixed again....