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New Forum Questions......

Overall im really liking the new forum now ive got to grips with it! :)

Just a couple of questions though:

Where have our car profiles gone!?

Can we edit signatures??

Can we put lil pictures by our profiles!?

ALL threads on my pc are showing up as already read when clearly they arent - is this an IE6 issue!?



ClioSport Admin
  Audi A4 v6 & Clio

Car profile I will try and sort out.

Signatures are banned - I hate them :)

I might allow the pictures (avatars) but not just yet

Not sure why the threads are showing up as read - maybe its because its the first time you used it? Seems to work ok on my PC.

The whos online bit is at the bottom of the main forum screen. Click on the active members link. It will only show people online who are logged in and also said add me to the active user list.
  mk2 172

no jas!, no avatars, just slows things down for us modem guys when people have silly animated ones etc.........


uh, Im on modem... You only download it once - then its cached...

Animated ones suck, we should have a policy, like on Fiesta Turbo - 400x100 Maximum, 20kb in Size (I think?) and no silly Animations! :)