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The new forum is pretty good, is there any chance of having the pale blue background tho to make it a bit more appealing to the eyes, the white looks cheap but the rest is great !

yeah, the bright white is making my eyes tired............but its a great forum, the PMing id great!

It is all good but there are a few little areas that could be better :

Have all the posts on one page, dont like the drop down to go from page to page, would rather scroll.
The background would be great in the pale blue used on the homepage, leave the actual post background as white but the whole background as blue, maybe ?
Does there have to be a gap between each post ? Cant it just be continuous ?
Oh yeah, and can we show our car details and have an autosignature to include photos of our car maybe ? I am not sure as to what the software will allow but that would be very good.
Dont want to sound ungrateful because the new functionality is great but I think I prefer the look of the old forum, be great to have this with the new fucntionality but all in all it is great !
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Ben try using the buttons above the message box to add things in mate.. This can be only seen when you are posting.


ClioSport Admin
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Hi daipac,

the posts have to scroll over several pages, thats to stop overloading the server by displaying loads of messages that arent read on a long thread, also saves bandwidth. If you click on the arrow on the right hand side of the thread name, it takes you straight to the last message posted, which is quicked than starting from the first message and reading down again.

Colour Ill sort out (to blue again), then the spaces between the messages wont feel as bad.

Car details Im working on.

Jas, dont want you to think I am criticising because the new boards are great. No probs about the multiple pages, did not see that arrow jobby, will look at that now. Car details with photos in your signature would be great if you manage to get that to work.

I like the number of posts bit, I was actually thinking about that the other day.

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Really good improve in the layout.

One little problem though... kind of slow opening the forum.

Not a network problem

Resposta de bytes=32 tempo=131ms TTL=114

But maybee to much hits on the db. Access one? Lets go uprated! :)
  172 sport,

:confused:oh no now im well and truly buggered its all too much for me aint got a clue what most of this stuff does but im sure i will learn . blue good white bad ,gonna cane the eyes at night glad to see its changing:D love these new smilies:D

the posts themselves are well good, but does need a prev / next button aswell as pulldown, and also more posts per page, also the forum list isnt as clear as it was before with what had new posts and what doesnt, still, sure ill het used to it

oh and the reply function is much better, can see the rest of the current page, i forget what ppl have said :)
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Sweet as :D like peeps said, it needs the car profiles, but ur sortin that so well done :D
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Well isnt this good!

thought that sneaky Jas had banned me when i couldnt log on but i had failed to use upper case on my password.

Now i seem to be part of the furniture wouldnt it be a good idea to make me a moderator ;)

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I like the bit where it shows the number of posts...Im on over 3000, can anyone beat that? And I only get 3 stars as well!!!

Dont know whether thats good or bad that Ive made so many posts...
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Nice snap slarty... Tracert with a nice GUI. :)

Hope I didnt woke up a riot :(

ppl ppl ppl... go easy on this...

has you can see by the tracert of Slarty, theres only 18 hops till you get to the forum server... the best thing is that your query arrives at low ping... mine is 131ms which is 0.131 secs

I belive that this slow access to the forum is because of the not so good managing of the db and not because its located in Atlanta, US.

This can be fixed easily... GO FORUM.CLIOSPORT.NET ADM!!! :) :)