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new guy

  Honda Civic Type R
Hi guys. I'm new on here and just wanted to say hello. I'm a type r owner (no abuse please) but thought i'd join this forum as there are a lot of rs clio owners on my ctr forum. don't worry, i'm not here to start arguments about which car is quicker as i'm sure that subject has been bled dry and let's face it, either car is capable of getting the nose on the other depending on the situation/driver etc

We do however get a few clio owners come on to the ctr forum just to sl*g off the type r i.e no low down torque, looks like a bread van, can't keep up with my clio blah blah blah. But that's all part of the friendly rivalry that makes it fun to own a high performance car. Oh and by the way, if it was you bring it on. I'd be happy to silence you.

I live in Harlow and see quite a lot of clio172/182's around so if you see me or feel the urge to try and race me or just chat about cars then feel free. (mines the nighthawk black with spoon zorst no. plate ending in DTZ. )

I often get quite bored driving round Harlow in my pride and joy with nothing else on the road except family saloons, 4x4's, vans and superminis.(and the occasional fiesta st or c2 vts which frankly is a waste of time) I always seem to see other hot hatches driving in the opposite direction. And as a hot hatch fan sometimes it's nice to have a little play with other hot hatches from time to time.
  Golf 7R
Hey new guy, im also from the harlow area, if you happen to see a very good looking chap in your rear view in a little smurf on steriods, would you kindly move aside your mildly warm hatch you sunday driver you!!
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Welcome but save the racing for the track mate to many cars are getting wrote of lately.

Saw a 51 plate type R wrapped around a lamp post on the way home from the gf's house last night and across the road (up the path) there was a Saxo VTS. f**k knows what happened but it was pretty bad, loadsa s**t everywhere!!


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Welcome Ozzie. Enjoy your stay. This is a great club/forum. There are a few CTR owners on here, personally they arent for me, but its a fantastic car all the same.
  Clio 172 mk2
Welcome to CS

I live in Type R country (Somerset).....see loads of them around.

Still love them...great car, I just couldn't stretch to a decent one money wise
  Honda Civic Type R
hi guys. thanks for the warm welcome everybody. that post about the type r wrapped around the lamp post is sickening. i also saw a wriiten off type r on my travels the other day overturned on an island in the road. if that happened to me i'd cry. but despite this i am still far too imature to resist putting my foot down when someone gets up my arse (tut tut this sort of behaviour is very irresponsible)

I'll keep an eye out for trackdays that you guys go on in the future. it'll be good to see the ctr and rs clio's going head to head in their natural environment - the track. i'll try bring some other ctr's from my forum along so some good races can be had

oh and lei69gh, i'll keep an eye out for you mate as soon as i can find a magnifying glass to attach to my rear view mirror